?Are you interested in Providing mineral processing equipment from Europe, Ausralia and South Africa
Technology and Engineering Services
Bahan supports its clients from the initial phase of defining and sizing the equipment to the final phase of its service life. All these services will be supported by the well-known companies over the world that Bahan represent them in Iran market. We provide Technology , Basic ,Design Review and Endorsement services to the below sectors: Iron, Copper , Lead and Zinc concentrating Projects. Iron Pelletizing Plants Copper Leaching and Bio-Leaching Plants Dewatering Package including Thickener, Pumps
Supply of Equipment and Spare Parts
Bahan is the representative of well-known and leading international manufacturing companies in Iran and our main activities are providing solutions for engineering issues in the mineral processing, by offering them the technical assistance, mineral processing equipment as well as spare parts in order to increase the productivity of the plants. Our Chain supply including: Crushing and Screening Systems Grinding and Classification Systems Slurry Handling System Slurry valves and hoses Magnetic Separators
Mineral Processing Plants

Considering our wide networking over the world, Bahan ...

Dewatering Package in Mineral Processing Plants

The concentrates of mineral processing plants...

Mineral Processing Industries using Hydrometallurgy...

Bahan is able to provide engineering services of leaching ...

Engineering and Supply of Poly Urethane Parts to Mines and Mineral Processing Plants

Bahan established its own factory to produce all PU parts that...

Our Business Structure

In order to achieve and continuously follow the principles of business and also responding to our customers in a timely and complete manner, the organizational structure of Bahan has been implemented in such a way that it can perform the following central services:
  • Mineral processing engineering, which focuses on engineering management and the use of expert services by experienced local and foreign consultants.
  • Coordination of marketing and sales services that are managed in accordance with different business areas in the sectors of iron and steel industries, non-ferrous metal industries, non-metallic mineral industries and non-mineral industries.
After-sales service of BAHAN Company, which is applied through workshops, operation specialists and companies that have exclusive and long-term cooperation agreements with BAHAN.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Considering our wide experiences in mineral processing projects and having support by our local and foreign partners, Bahan Company has developed its business principles on the following:
  • Expanding the network of loyal customers by having continuous and high quality services Diversify services and products using the latest technologies in the world
  • Continuous development of Bahan Chain Supply through achieving the advanced technologies, high quality equipment and machinery via reputable suppliers
  • Close cooperation with customers to reduce and Optimize their CAPEX and OPEX costs in their mineral processing projects by advising Better Selection, Better Results
  • Having scheduled meetings and site visits to find out very accurately customer’s requirement in operating of supplied equipment.
Bahan seeking its sustainability in innovation and adding value to our esteemed clients and trying to keep continued their supports and satisfaction
• Continuous development of Bahan Chain Supply through achieving the advanced technologies, high quality equipment and machinery via reputable suppliers